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Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do ItFor you to achieve your goals, you must first help your customers achieve theirs.

Every day, people who should become your customers end up buying from someone else, or not at all.

This is tragic. After all, they want to buy.

People want to feel the rush of momentum that comes as all the factors in a great decision come together. As the choices narrow down and the right choice becomes clear.

And your sales process isn’t giving that to them.

Rather than building buying momentum, it’s building frustration.

Even the very best companies have revenue blind spots.

As companies evolve people, processes, and technology get out of sync with customers. These blind spots cost them 10-30% of potential revenue.

Amazon sets customers’ expectations about speed, cost, and efficiency in shipping. Zappos and Warby Parker set the expectations for customer communication. Uber set the bar for seamlessness of experience. People want frictionless experiences. They want you to understand their motivations. They want you to exceed their expectations no matter the channel.

There is an Expectation Gap. According to a recent CEI Survey, 86% of buyers will pay more for better customer experience. But only 1% of customers feel that vendors meet their expectations.

We help you:

  • identify and fix system-wide marketing, sales, and operations growing pains to reduce friction;
  • identify and exceed customer expectations;
  • incorporate customer motivations into your decision making and content;
  • and, create and prioritize a clear line of action from the data you collect.

We engage your team and provide them with a team understanding, passion and confidence in communicating (selling) to customers. We coach and train hundreds of companies. Companies small and large like Google, NBC Universal, family-owned retail, and Health Insurance Innovations. We help sell products as diverse as SaaS software, eyeglass frames, and pig sperm. We help you to anticipate what customers need and help you innovate, to stay ahead of them.

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What we can offer you

Four Pillars Ongoing Support

After our workshops, we work with only a few select clients. Your business must be committed to the Four Pillars (as described in Be Like Amazon) on a long-term basis .


We kick-off the workshop with a two-day onsite visit. We help you create the Four Pillar foundation for your organization. The entire process takes between 4-8 weeks and the typical investment is $30,000 – $100,000.

Speak at Your Event

We can speak at your event. Our fees are $20,000 in North America, and that includes travel. International fees are $20,000 plus business class travel, from Austin, and lodging. Contact us to discuss your event  

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