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For almost two decades, brothers Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg have been recognized by their peers as authorities in marketing optimization, analytics, and customer-experience design. While deeply grateful for their success, they remained unfulfilled by unanswered questions. The two most common troubling questions asked by executives and entrepreneurs were, “What is the secret to growing more?”, and “Why isn’t the team firing on all cylinders?”

It wasn’t for lack of effort

Since founding their first agency, Future Now, in 1998, the Eisenbergs have been on a mission to find the answers. At first, they believed the key was expertise, and so they delved deeply into relevant disciplines:

  • Marketing and Branding
  • Testing and Optimization
  • Usability and User Experience Design
  • Design and Layout
  • Search Marketing – organic and paid
  • Copywriting and Content Marketing
  • Psychology, Human Behavior, and Persuasion
  • Business and Web Analytics
  • Information Architecture
  • Social Media
  • Sales Presentations

They became proficient practitioners and recognized experts. Here is a partial list of their accomplishments:

  • For almost 20 years, Bryan and Jeffrey have helped B2B & B2C companies such as HP, Google, Intel, Chase, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, GE Healthcare, Overstock, NBC Universal, Edmunds, Travelocity, and others to craft accountable marketing strategies and tactics, emphasizing the optimization of customer experiences in order to convert more leads, subscriptions, and sales.
  • Instructed at Wizard Academy
  • Instructed at MarketMotive.com
  • Bryan Eisenberg Top 25 PPC Experts
  • Founded and remains Chairman Emeritus of the Digital Analytics Association
  • Wrote a column for ClickZ for 14 years
  • Named Econsultancy’s Top Ten User Experience Gurus
  • Two time winner of the Semmy award for bloggers
  • “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?” featured in a Wall Street Journal article
  • Quoted and referenced in MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business 2.0, CXO Europe, Advertising Age, CNN, Forrester Research, Jupiter Research, the Miami Herald, Publish, Internet Advertising Report (IAR), the Chicago Business Tribune, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Target Marketing, DM News, bCentral for Microsoft, MarketingSherpa, the Toronto Star, Smart Money and Internet Retailer.
  • Bryan Eisenberg has been a featured keynote speaker for NRF’s Shop.org, Direct Marketing Association, DreamForce, eMetrics Summit, Growth Marketing Summit, Affiliate Summit, E-consultancy, Emerce, Gultaggen Norway, the Canadian Marketing Association, and hundreds of others in the USA and Internationally.
  • Jeffrey Eisenberg has delivered keynote speeches for Salesforce’s Dreamforce, Search Engine Strategies, WSI Excellence and Innovation, Shop.org, the Direct Marketing Association, MarketingSherpa, AD:Tech, PubCon, UpSales Stockholm, the National Association of Broadcasters, the Canadian Marketing Association and Intel’s Retail Customer Appreciation Summit.

Their expertise led them to write two New York Times bestselling books Waiting for your Cat to Bark? (July 2, 2006), Call to Action (June 6, 2005), as well as The Marketers Common Sense Guide To Web Analytics, Always be Testing, and Persuasive Online Copywriting.

In 2009, when Bryan and Jeffrey exited their agency, they were at the top of their game. They helped clients make changes that accounted for hundreds of millions of dollars and figured out how to definitively move the needle under almost any circumstances.

“Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg are #1 in the online conversion game and there is no #2.”  ~ Patrick Byrne – CEO of Overstock.com

Still searching for answers, they shifted their focus from expertise and tactics to helping companies devise and implement a strategy to bring fundamental change. They became sought-after speakers and began meeting with and being courted by c-level executives. This opened up several opportunities for the Eisenbergs to consult with large companies and interesting start-ups and learn a whole new set of lessons.

The Eisenberg Team had worked with companies of all shapes and sizes that possessed varying degrees of talent and competence. They tried it all; training and encouraging clients to become experts in the marketing disciplines, going neck deep in strategy, as well as guiding clients through adopting a robust optimization process. While they got great results, no one of these things was a decisive factor in enabling teams to bring a foundational change in the form of consistently better sales and a deep understanding company-wide.

While working on a large client project, Bryan and Jeffrey were inspired to reflect on the projects and clients that just seemed to flow. They observed that some companies effortlessly adopted a culture of optimization, while others would achieve a win and then fail to duplicate the results further down the road. Others would excel at customer empathy getting better and better at creating relevant marketing and sales content, while some would continue to struggle.

What they found was that their most successful clients, without exception, embraced using customer narratives in some form.

This was the final piece of the puzzle, and the answer they had been seeking from the beginning.

Over the past few years, Bryan and Jeffrey have refined the process of using storytelling and narratives to lift sales and communicate directives and values for select clients. They named the process Buyer Legends and are eager to share what they have learned in the ebook Buyer Legends – The Executive Storyteller’s Guide.

In Summer of 2014 they launched Buyer Legends LLC, a training company dedicated to helping companies finally get it right. Want to know more about Buyer Legends? Get the ebook from Amazon.com, and then see what services we can provide for you and your company.

Check out our latest book – Be Like Amazon: Even A Lemonade Stand Can Do It.


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What we can offer you

Four Pillars Ongoing Support

After our workshops, we work with only a few select clients. Your business must be committed to the Four Pillars (as described in Be Like Amazon) on a long-term basis .


We kick-off the workshop with a two-day onsite visit. We help you create the Four Pillar foundation for your organization. The entire process takes between 4-8 weeks and the typical investment is $30,000 – $100,000.

Speak at Your Event

We can speak at your event. Our fees are $20,000 in North America, and that includes travel. International fees are $20,000 plus business class travel, from Austin, and lodging. Contact us to discuss your event  

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