amazon-fire-phoneAll of us here at Buyer Legends are obsessed with Amazon, specifically, we love their obsession with the customer and watch with fascination and admiration how Amazon ruthlessly leverages everything at it’s disposal to improve the customer experience.

Bryan has often discussed his belief that in the not too distant future we can own an Amazon branded refrigerator.  This high tech appliance would determine if you were low on milk, eggs, or anything in your fridge and would automatically place an order for said items.  It’s also easy to imagine Amazon them dropping of a package at your door step a few hours later using Amazon Prime Air.  This type of product fits perfectly into the Amazon ethos of doing business, and I, for one, would be first in line to purchase one.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Amazon introduced the Fire Phone , an android based smartphone that features Firefly, a technology that allows Fire phone users to point their phone at almost any product, movie, song, media and find useful information about it.  You can price compare, and easily buy those products on Amazon. Fast Company calls it the ultimate busy Mom phone.

While it may be true that Amazon is attempting to become a profitable consumer electronics manufacturer with a new smartphone venture, make no mistake that what matters most to Amazon is its ability to leverage those devices to improve the customer experience by reducing friction, and creating more buying/selling opportunities.

In fact, if the numbers from their Kindle line hold true for the Fire phone, Fire phone owners will spend 55% more on Amazon than non Fire phone owners. With Firefly technology that number might be even higher.

If you are trying to build a legendary brand, you would be wise to study Amazon.  Amazon’s business model has made them online customer experience pioneers.  While your company maybe just trying to figure out how to get the initial sale Amazon is already finding ways to get me to happily spend more than that 55%.